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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Automapper Datatable to List

I did a few Google searches for "c# automapper datatable to list" but nothing good showed up right away, maybe this post will help someone in the future?

The solution showed up on stackoverflow here is the link

and here is a code snippet

Note that we are actually mapping IDataReader to a list, and DataTable has convenience method to do that for us 'CreateDataReader'


Anonymous said...

Thanks House9. I've added an extension method to DataTable using your code, and it works fine. Now I just call ToList with the appropriate type for the records and away we go.

samy said...

Hi friend,
Do you have a suggestion to ignore the Case Sensitiveness in Auto Mapper. because i am using the AutoMapper to map dataTable data with class object as you wrote in sample.
But , since i am using the Hana database and it returns the table with UpperCase Columns names. Then auto mapper doesn't function as usual.

if you can give me a help please let me know.