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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Setting up a C.I. build (Continuous Integration) for a Ruby on Rails application

It has never been easier than with Semaphore - Hosted Continuous Integration

How easy is it

  • add semaphore ssh key to your github repo
  • then semaphore automatically determines your ruby version, database, etc...
  • you can tweak the build steps later, the defaults are pretty good

It will automatically detect new branches!!! That means zero setup when the new branch is added

It is not cheap, for personal side projects it might not make sense?
But well worth the money if you are doing paid development

Git Log Formatting

The git log command is great and has tons of good information, but the output doesn't give you that nice 'overview' of the commit history, too much detail on too many lines

I've been using the following in my .gitconfig file
l = log -20 --format='%h %ad %d %an: %s' --date=short
typing 'git l' renders the following output:

Last night I watched the Destroy All Software "PRETTY GIT LOGS" screencast which takes 'git l' to the next level

now 'git l' renders