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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

rails :remote => true jQuery events

I constantly find myself looking these up, saving this link for future reference

contains all of the rails custom jQuery events for remote forms, such as "ajax:success", "ajax:before"; also includes the method signatures.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sending email with Rails Mailers, The Random bits...

See the rails guides and railscasts for getting started with Rails Mailers; 
this article includes some additional information on Rails Mailers not included in those articles.

Rails Guides: "Action Mailer Basics" on the rails guides - The guide covers all of the common mailer tasks
  • setup and configuration
  • attachments
  • layouts

Random Bits
These examples were created using rails 3.2
Add importance headers

NOTE: many email clients will ignore these headers

Add receipt header

NOTE: many email clients will ignore these headers

Testing mailer headers with rspec

If you have rspec-rails gem installed with your rails application then running the generator will stub out most of your mailer tests, including a fixture file for the mailer view, which you may or may not want to remove.

NOTE: test against mail.header, not mail.headers

Use a different layout for some Mailer actions

our default layout is the customer facing one but we want to override it in some cases